Selling Secrets, You Can’t Afford to Miss

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Want a free book on Selling Secrets for your home, You Can’t Afford to Miss?

Here's what you will learn in this book...

Part 1: Selling for More Money

·         Why I Wrote This Book and How It Will Help You

·         The Easiest Way to Sell Your Home for More Money

·         The Second Most Important Thing You Can Do To Sell Your Home for More Money

·         Wonder What Your Home is Worth? How to Determine Your Home's Value Without Paying For An Appraisal

Part 2: New Perspective and Tips

·         A Single Rule That Generates Serious Money

·         How the 80/20 Rule Applies to Home Sales

·         How to Sell to Any Buyer

·         The Secret Strategy that the Rich & Famous Use to Sell their Home for More Money

·         Why Home Staging Really Matters

·         Convincing Buyers within the First 8 Seconds

·         Dodging Unforgiving Details

·         How to Get Buyers Begging to View Your Home

Part 3: Selling Your Home

·         How to Negotiate and Get More Money for Your Home

·         Common Negotiating Mistakes

·         Negotiating Techniques

·         Two Additional Ways to Sell For More Money

·         What Most People Don’t Know

·         What the Wright Brothers Discovered About Home Selling

·         Home Marketing Approaches

Part 4: Pricing Strategies

·         Avoid a Costly Mistake

·         Does Where You List Your Home Matter?

·         Creative Financing

·         The Price Myth Debunked – Why Price Isn’t the Only Reason that Homes Don’t Sell

·         Listing Price Strategy

·         Four Reasons Why Home Sellers Hire A Realtor


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